Andrew Majercik

Author of The Misc Magic Blog  (And mentaljazz.com, if you want to know how I think)

I recently became fascinated with this idea that money is an idea.  One way to get it is to create idea that brings value to people.  But it goes deeper than that, with research I’ve discovered that we are really the ultimate creators.  We are as much a creator of our world as we are a participant.

I decided to really work on using my imagination, and hence this blog was born.  Well, I also love the ideas I see with magic in movies, and games, and books.

When I sit down to write an magic item, I frequently have no idea in mind, I just start writing and see what comes out.  At some point I hope these are helpful to people in their games or creative works, feel free to use, just give me a nod of credit.