This potion invariably is packaged in a glass bottle, with an etched in picture of an oak tree, complete with roots.  The potion is not meant for human consumption, but rather is meant for trees.  If the entire contents is poured onto the roots of a any type of tree the magic will activate.  After about 10 minutes the effected tree will start to shutter, then shake, and finally start to vibrate in place with a seeming anticipation.  Any significant force on the tree will direct the tree to move in that direction,,, so if a man were to push on one side of the tree, the root systems will grope/scramble/slide or even crack open a rock to move in the indicated direction.  Once it starts moving, it continues moving in that direction as long as the force is maintained, or until the magic runs out.  With a normal mid -sized tree, a man can push it about 100 feet before the magic ends.  A very large tree won’t get nearly as far, but a sapling could probably move several times that distance before settling back down.

If a man were to drink this potion, he would painfully grow roots that would lash into the ground and secure him in place, half man- half tree.  Shortly thereafter the man would expire and a sickly tree would remain.