This bracelet is one of a set collectively called the “Dreamcelets” – poorly named, as their only relation to dreaming is perhaps that the bearer dreamt of having the powers they imbue.

When this perpetually tarnished metallic bracelet is worn, it drains a bit of energy from its wearer with every step; just taxing enough to continually annoy (though in time the bearer will adapt to it as his or her reserves of strength build up).  It would be wise to take the bracelet off during  battle as it might slow the wearer down enough to make a difference.

The benefit, however, far outweighs this burden:  when the Dreamcelet is twisted around the wrist three times the stored energy will release, granting extra speed for any desired use.  While not 100% efficient at siphoning energy, it’s cumulative effect can be quite dramatic.  It’s easy to burn the stored energy quickly, as it can be used to sprint a great distance, or cover short distances hastily, or anywhere in between.  You can push the magic as far as you dare, even beyond safe limits.  Though you become faster, you gain no enhanced toughness or strength; tripping on a rock at such an accelerated pace could injure or kill you upon impact, for instance.  Striking a foe with a sword at twenty times your normal speed might shatter your arm.  Some judiciousness is required when using this Dreamcelet.

The Sprinter’s Dreamcelet only grants its wearer with faster than average speed; for other effects, see the other Dreamcelets.

This Dreamcelet does not differentiate between users:  if one were to wear it for a year without expending the pent up magic inside, the Dreamcelet could still be passed to another, retaining the stored energy.

When the activated, the Dreamcelet will release its withheld power until fully depleted, after which it will revert to its normal siphoning mode.