This ring grants the wearer one suggestion boon every day.  When the magic is exercised, all people in discussion with the wearer must save vs magic or decide to do it “his way”.  For example, if there is a passage to the left, and one to the right, and the bearer wants to go right and exercises the magic during a discussion, all those who were wavering will decide to go right, and everyone who wanted to go left will capitulate. The magic is not especially subtle, and people under it’s effect are mostly confused as to why they suddenly want to do it the way suggested, but go along with it.  Knowing the person has this magic ring allows an additional save check if needed.

The magic will not function in obviously bad decisions during a dangerous situation, as it’s not so strong as to be a charm or command; but it can do some serious swaying.  Sometimes, being entitled has it’s advantages.

The magic works best if the decision made has a short time vantage.  “We deserve this free meal for helping defend your bar” would work pretty well, but a “I will marry your daughter in the morning”  is not likely to work.