This large unique circular 2″ ring looks like it could fit the hand of a giant. However, it’s not a meant to be worn, doing so will hurt considerably.  It’s small portal, designed by Abigore Stalling in the last century.  Stalling was a powerful vampire mage who is rumored to still be alive, however, she lost this ring or stopped caring about it at some point.   The ring is a portal to any destination you can form a strong image of in your mind.  However, there are some serious limitations for humans.  For one, anything not gaseous going through the ring will be instantly incinerated and will appear at the destination as ash.   It’s as painful way to lose a finger or worse, for those misfortunate enough to experiment with it in this fashion.  However, if you can change into a gaseous form like Abigore could, you can travel through with no problems.  When you make it to the destination, you will see the ring will be in both places at once.  You can move the ring physically around on one side, and it will remain where it was left on the other, perhaps floating in the air.  However, if you hold one end and concentrate on a new location, the ring on the other side will blink out and appear at the new fixation.

It’s a bit hard to count the other side of the portal unless it’s well protected.  Two people could easily carry the rings around, and it would respond to the first one who locked in a new destination, disappearing from the possession of the other.  Maybe this is how Abigore lost it.  The space surrounded by the rings ha no special look, you’d never know it was magical otherwise.