An Ocularus is a glass eyeball that must be placed into an empty eye socket of a similar size to activate.  There is no magical aura upon it, so until used it seems like a normal glass eyeball.  However, when placed in the eye-socket, it has some interesting effects.  First off, it glows dimly red, and has a habit of being just a bit off center, which makes it a bit uncomfortable to have a normal conversation in many cases.

The real magic of the Ocularus is that it shows three different times at once…  five seconds past, the current time, and five seconds into the future.  This takes some getting used to as it is a lot more to process.  The future is of-course subject to interpretation, it is more a shadowy look at many of the more interesting possibilities, but can be extraordinarily handy with practice.  It’s impossible to surprise someone who is fitted with an Ocularus;(sometimes referred to as an Ocularian) at least when awake.  An Ocularian inclined to fight will quickly learn to be a very formidable fighter.