As one of the most powerful lycanthropes to ever roam the world, Blanford had plenty of secrets that were only revealed after his death.  Already an archmage before he was bitten he was well accomplished in the magical arts.  An inveterate thinker, Blanford took an unusual take on the dilemma and rather than fight the illness, he embraced it.  Using his magic to change the nature of himself, he eventually gathered complete control over his once only lunar transmutations.

After his passing, nearly every part of his body became magical items, even his teeth.

One of the more remarkable parts to be discovered were his teeth.  A single Blanford tooth is a grave issue indeed for one who comes across it.  Upon picking it up, the tooth with jump up and delve into the flesh, making its way painfully to the jaw, where it will protrude as a nearly Orcish or almost comical single jutting tooth from the jaw.  It will be a wolves tooth in the human jaw line, permanently reducing the characters comeliness.  However, not all is lost, as now the human will get an additional attack per round with a quick bite.  Oddly, those who have had the misfortune of getting one of these teeth are not otherwise affected; they themselves do not become blood thirsty lycanthropes as one might expect.  Instead however, whoever they bite will rapidly turn into a werewolf, with little chance of saving.

There is no easy way to remove the tooth, and it hurts a bit at all times as well. You can pull it out with some blacksmith tongs, and rid yourself of the problem, but the jawline won’t heal perfectly.  The tooth is susceptible to blows as well, if it breaks it will slowly regrow, the ability to bite for an extra attack is never lost while some of the tooth remains, tho it will be less effective when regrowing.