To date no one has been able to come up with an explanation to the purpose behind this creation of Thornton Gorham.  Although it is generally accepted that the must have a good use, so far that has escaped anyone’s understanding.

A Gorham Candle is typically between 8 and 10 inches tall and made of a colored beeswax.  The dweomer of magic upon the candles is quite strong, but its type is unknown.  When lit the candle burns rapidly, it will consume the wax in about a minute, and when it completes burning, a flash will occur, then the candle will reform to the same size and shape as the original, but of a different color, unlit.  It will never repeat the same color in subsequent burnings, although it does do shades well.  The light from the burning candle is quite sharp and often colored, occasionally shapes and figures of people will form in any shadows it creates.

If you cut the candle into pieces, and set each piece alight, you will get a different colored light from each burning piece.  When the pieces complete burning mere seconds later, there will be a flash and a single candle will reappear.  In 0.1% of the split candle cases 2 candles  will appear, each identical to the original.

Over the years since Gorham’s passing many have experimented with the candles, attempting to understand what purpose they may serve, but so far it hasn’t been deduced.  Gorham left a lot of obscure notes about them in his written works, but rather vexingly did not hint to the purpose, perhaps he considered it too obvious.