Thermatismatic Iron looks and feels much the same as normal iron.  Unlike everyday iron, it has been magicked with a peculiar quality.  The magnetic property of the metal is altered; rather than attracting iron, it attracts hot or cold objects, depending on the face presented.  If its ‘warm’ face is presented, it will attract cold objects and repel hot ones, and vice versa for its ‘cold’ face.  The iron itself will remain a neutral temperature, changing very little based on its surroundings.  The hotter or colder the external object, the greater the attractive or repulsive force the iron presents.  The amount of material affected depends upon the size of the piece of iron – a typical piece of thermatismatic iron is hand sized or smaller, but occasionally one can be found the size of a large shield.

The strength of the field emitted by these enchanted metals varies based on age and use:  the magic will fade over time, and unlike the magnetic property of standard iron, damage will likewise reduce its strength.  A new piece of thermatismatic iron can pull or push a bonfire from as far away as 15′.  Like a normal magnet, the closer you to a hot or cold item, the greater the effect.