Grant’s Goblets always come in pairs.  They retain the shape of the last piece of drinkware they copied.  When placed upon a set table, they will assume the form of the drinkware present on the rest of the table.  Grant’s Goblets have one curious quirk; any liquid poured into them will match the average level of all other glasses at the table.  This side effect of the blending magic can give away their unusual nature if care is not taken.

The goblets have a bond with whomever placed them on the table.  When directed by voice, gesture, or thought, one of the goblets will fly like an arrow towards whomever or whatever is targeted.  They match the bow skill of whoever commands them, but the first strike has a 25% bonus to hit from surprise.  Once surprise has worn off, the goblet attacks as though the wielder stood on the center of the table, firing at near point blank.  A defender never knows which goblet will launch for an attack.  The goblets fly in a straight line and can only attempt to strike an object which can be seen by standing on the table top center, to a maximum range of 50 feet.  After an attack is made, the goblet floats quickly back to the table, trying to disguise itself among the normal drinkware.

Note that the the damage inflicted by one of Grant’s Goblets depends upon the form assumed; a wineglass may shatter into pieces, becoming a deadly cloud of flying glass, where a sturdy tankard will impact with the heft of a club.  Although the shape and target are determined by the wielder, the force of the attack is not – a Grant’s Goblet will fly with the same speed, regardless.