This potent meal should be stored securely in an airtight chest unless ready to use.  The meal resembles a fresh, raw steak and cooked potatoes, with an aroma to match.  However, the scent is magical in nature, extending a great distance from its source.  The magic of the scent affects a single type of creature: the kobold.  All kobolds within one mile of the meal who fail to resist its intoxicating aroma will become ravenous with hunger; a hunger that only this meal can sate.  Affected kobolds will drop everything to track down the source of the smell.

The magic of the meal will last until completely consumed.  How long that takes depends upon the machinations of the one who sets out the kobold bait.  Affected kobolds will jealously fight one another for the bait, and any thoughts beyond basic reasoning are impossible.  Kobolds will stop at nothing to consume the bait, though the will defend themselves if attacked.  Clever use of traps and local terrain can be used to delay the bait’s consumption, or dispose of would be eaters entirely.